"Di Biase extensions look phenomenal and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a change or improvement. When you look good you feel good, when you feel good you are more confident. Confidence is a must as Mrs. America and Di Biase helped me achieve my confident look."

-Mrs. America 2014, Michelle Evans-

"I'm absolutely loving the sticker hair! Ben Hudgins (the official hairstylist of Mrs. Texas) put it in and it was quick! I feel beautiful with it and always want my hair down. Thank you Di Biase for the beautiful hair!"

-Mrs. Texas 2014 Whitney Beseda-

"I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Di Biase Hair Extensions USA and Vikki Parman for my hair extensions. I have received so many complements for my hair and its all due to these wonderful people. Thank you!"

-Miss. Texas 2014 Monique Evans-
"One of the reasons I like Di Biase is because the quality of hair is amazing as it is real human hair. It matched my natural hair color perfectly. I have thin and fine hair and the Di Biase hair extensions added extra volume and it looked great on and off the stage. Choosing Di Biase was one of the best decisions I have made, not only did they help give me volume and body but importantly it gave me the confidence."

-Miss Michigan 2014, KT Maviglia-
"I recommend Di Biase Hair Extensions USA because the company is great to work with and the product is amazing! There is no comparison between Di Biase Hair Extensions USA and other brands. I have very thin hair and you would never know now that I have Di Biase Hair Extensions. You can't even tell that I have hair extensions as the way it's bonded and it matches the color perfectly."

-Mrs. Oklahoma 2014, Megan Warnick-
"I love my Di Biase Hair Extensions USA. It made having beautiful, long, thick hair easy. I like that Di Biase Hair Extensions USA doesn't damage or break your natural hair, and it is easy to maintain. Di Biase Hair Extensions USA are the best hair extensions I've ever used and I would highly recommend them. Try Di Biase Hair Extensions USA and SEE and FEEL the difference!"

-Miss. Texas USA 2014, Lauren Guzman-
"I love my Di Biase Hair Extensions USA and feel awesome with my longer thicker hair. I selected them because they were recommended by my hairdresser Eric Vaughn and I know he would never steer us wrong! I love that they are fusion extensions because they're healthier for my hair. Di Biase Hair Extensions look amazing. You can't tell that I have extensions, I barely ever feel that they are there!"

-Miss Texas Teen USA 2014, Kellie Stewert-
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