About Us

Di Biase Hair USA is a successful, fast growing wholesale distribution company servicing hair professionals in the United States with the highest quality in natural human hair extensions and accessories.

Our Hair

Di Biase Hair Extensions USA only uses the finest quality 100% Human Indian Remy hair available today, as it closely matches the texture and look of European hair types. The hair they use is painstakingly processed in the hand drawing techniques developed by Di Biase. Remy hair is "cuticle correct" which means that all of the hair lies in the same direction to prevent matting and tangling. Importantly, it is also pony tail collect (assuring that it has not been subject to stripping and recoating).

Di Biase's special haircolor process produces a long-lasting haircolor with a very desirable healthy bounce, body and shine. Special flat bonds and their flat wrapping technique makes it possible to seamlessly join the natural flow of your client's hair.

Di Biase Hair Extensions USA uses keratin color-matched bonds that perfectly match the natural locks. The overall integrity of the hair extensions become nearly impossible to detect as the bond encompasses the hair shaft without penetrating the cortex. This also allows for easy removal of the hair bonds without affecting your client's hair. They offer diverse services with Fusion, Easy Clip, Weft and Sticker Hair bonds.

About the Owners

Vikki Parman and Dale Aho are co-owners of Di Biase Hair USA. We are proud to represent Di Biase Hair of Italy, a 3rd generation family company, whose visionary techniques in processing have helped to make it the emerging leader in the production of human hair extensions worldwide.

Di Biase Hair USA enjoys an outstanding level of cooperation and ongoing communication with Di Biase Hair of Italy. In addition to Aniello Di Biase himself, there are many talented individuals helping with export issues, multi-lingual translations, and international troubleshooting.

Di Biase Hair USA provides training and learning opportunities for hair stylists as a fundamental element of our business. Our ultimate goal is to provide skills and knowledge in the application of hair extensions to all those who are motivated to learn. We encourage distributors, salons, and individual stylists to contact us in order that we may make certification classes available wherever there is a need.

Di Biase Hair Extensions USA only uses the finest quality 100% Human Indian Remy hair available today.

Vikki Parman and Dale Aho. Co-owners of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA.