Co-Owners of Di Biase Hair Extension USA- Vikki Parman and Dale Aho.

Di Biase Hair Extensions USA Business Story

Di Biase Hair Extensions USA is a very successful, fast growing company that is prepared to help progressive hair designers provide the highest quality hair extension services in the professional beauty business while training them in proper application techniques. Co-Owners Vikki Parman and Dale Aho successfully launched Di Biase Hair Extensions USA in early 2010 in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The core strategic goal of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA is to competitively provide the most superior hair extension services products and education. Di Biase Hair Extensions USA also strives to provide the best and customized support systems for beautycare professionals. After hair designers finish certification training, they are always welcome to directly contact the owners for continued support and mentorship.

Vikki Parman always loved the beauty and creative options provided with high quality professional hair extensions. She was determined to provide better quality hair extension training for hair designers after the uneasiness and discomfort she personally experienced when visiting salons for her own extensions. At the time, she did not fully understand how the follicle and cuticle damage was happening to her hair. She found that the extremely tight hair extensions were a direct result of poor training by the hair designers as well as what was provided by the hair extension companies. As a hair extensionist and a salon consultant, Parman learned how difficult it was to get proper training and support with professional salon hair extensions. Parman became inspired to contact many different hair extension companies across the globe. Her desire was to bring a quality product, with supportive equipment, products and education to the United States, while also making it more affordable than what was being provided. Parman became determined to much more effectively certify and train hair designers to become exceptional hair extensionists, rather than merely putting them into the hair extension business with competitive products. Parman notes, "Hair extensions provide a wonderful opportunity for salon clients and hair extensionists who know how to properly work with them. Today, many hair designers are providing salon hair extensions, while doing them wrong. This isn't something you can properly learn from YouTube. There must be a comprehensive program teaching how to provide better client consultations, improved haircutting techniques for hair extensions as well as to provide the proper take home haircare system to maintain hair extensions between salon visits."

After exploring many nationally and internationally respected hair extension companies, Vikki Parman and Dale Aho personally met with Aniello "Nello" Di Biase, the President of Di Biase Hair of Italy before launching Di Biase Hair Extensions USA from Farmington, Michigan. Di Biase saw how successful they were in that region and decided to give Parman and Aho the exclusive rights for complete distribution across North America. With the combination of Parman's vast hair design and hair extension knowledge and Aho's legal and business knowledge, Di Biase Hair Extensions USA has become a strong, cohesive leader in the hair extensions industry.

Di Biase Hair Extensions USA only uses the finest quality 100% human Indian Remy hair available today, as it closely matches the texture and look of European hair types. The hair used for Di Biase Hair Extensions is painstakingly processed in the hand drawing techniques developed by Di Biase, which makes it possible to seamlessly join the natural flow of your client's hair. Remy hair is "cuticle correct", which means that all of the hair lies in the same direction, to prevent matting and tangling. Their special haircolor process produces a long-lasting haircolor with a very desirable healthy bounce, body and shine. Di Biase haircolor shades will not fade, oxidize or change at any time. When reordering hair, you will never have to worry about having the new hair match any previously applied hair extensions. Di Biase Hair Extensions USA uses a 1005 colored keratin bond that matches the hair used on the hair locks. This ensures a natural transition from your client's natural hair to the extended hair. The overall integrity of the hair extensions becomes nearly impossible to detect as the bond encompasses the hair shaft without penetrating the cortex. This also allows for easy removal of the hair bonds, with absolutely no damage to your client's hair.

Di Biase Hair Extensions USA haircolor permeates the entire hair shaft and not just the exterior surface. Di Biase Hair Extensions USA uses different bonds that offer diverse services with Fusion, Easy Clip, Weft and Sticker Hair. Their Fusion Hair is applied on a lock by lock basis. Di Biase Hair Extensions come in packs of 20 locks, with each lock consisting of multiple strands joined together by a thin keratin bonding strip. When heated, this strip can easily be molded into any shape the hair designer desires. Their Di Biase Easy Clips are comprised of hair that is attached to a clip. Salon clients can easily put these in your hair on a temporary basis and removed without professional assistance. Weft Hair is attached to a piece of fabric and is sewn in as part of the client’s hair. This style of hair extension is sold by bulk with 100 grams per order. The latest addition is their Sticker Hair Extension, which is the only system that lets a hair designer carry out a complete hair extension service with no need to use any special bonding equipment. An innovative feature of Sticker Hair Extensions is the opportunity to reuse the hair locks multiple times. While they may be temporarily worn for special occasions, they will also last for up to one to two months if desired.

As a rapidly growing company, there remain many exciting new opportunities for regional distributors, salon sales consultants and educators to join the Di Biase Hair Extensions USA team. Dale Aho notes, "We will always focus on quality! We will continue to provide ongoing education and support to help you feel competent and confident in professional hair extensions artistry." Everything from the bonds of the Fusion Hair to the special hair brush made especially for hair extensions are of the highest quality. Di Biase Hair Extensions USA guarantees hair designers will be as excited about providing these products to their clients as Di Biase Hair Extensions USA is about providing them to hair designers.

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